The awards

are a glamorous event that takes place in June every year.

This is the occasion for the Seeker to celebrate its anniversary, but it is also a time to honour several stellar members of our community.

Started in 2011, the Seeker’s Choice Awards have honoured community members for over a decade.  Usually, theses are business owners, artists, athletes and volunteers often overlooked at bigger events.



We give awards in 10 categories

  • Home based business
  • New business
  • Existing business
  • Woman in business
  • Musical or Performing artist
  • Literary artist
  • Visual artist
  • Athlete
  • Volunteer
  • Contributor to the Seeker

The process

Round 1: Nominations

People are invited to suggest people, organizations, comanies they feel deserve the awards.  This round lasts 21 days, usually from February to March.

Round 2. Voting

The 10 most nominated in each category moves on to this round.  People are now invited to vote for their favourite.  This round lasts 21 days, usually from mid-March to April.

Round 3. Selection

Over the next 5 days, we tally the votes, look for any duplicates or excessive voting and remove, to make for a fair voting system.  People can vote ONCE during the voting period, not repeatedly.  The results are sealed and sent to the award engraver. The portion from the readers is worth 50% of the total tally.

Then, the 5 members on our board of advisors get to vote. Each member vote is worth 10% of final grade. The votes are sealed and sent to the award engraver.

The final results are announced at the Seekers Choice Awards Gala & Fundraiser.


Previous Recipients Say...

Very happy to share the Seekers Choice Awards for Literary Artist 2018 yesterday! It's always extra special to win a "people's choice"...
Maggie Wheeler
“Getting a Seeker Awards really helped my business.”
Winner of the 2014 Home Based Business
“Thank you Seeker Chicks for putting up such a great event and raising funds for the Centre for the Arts Collective.”
the Collective
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